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"I-T" Click, Click 2.0 USB by Suvil Technologies Corp. is an optical mouse which is controlled with the Index finger and Thumb. The Index finger controls the upper key and is the equivalent of the left key of a conventional mouse; the Thumb controls the side key and is the equivalent of the right key on a conventional mouse.


"I-T" Click, Click 2.0 USB is a tiny mouse with a patented design, very streamlined and with a carefully designed curvature to provide an easy grip and comfort, and prevent user hand fatigue.


The side button is placed in a position that is further back than the upper button of the mouse, as our Thumb is also positioned somewhat further back than the Index finger. Moreover, when we place our hand upon a mouse, the Index finger moves naturally downwards and the Thumb moves laterally from outside to inside to Click.


On placing the buttons in these positions, it has been made possible to create a very streamlined mouse which moves only by using 2 fingers.


The materials selected for the manufacture of the "I-T" Click, Click 2.0 USB by Suvil are of the highest quality available on the market; both the electronic components and the plastic used during injection into the mould.


"I-T" Click, Click 2.0 USB has a resolution of 1.200 cpi and is connected to the laptop by USB.


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Product Specifications


Type: Streamlined and curved Optical Mouse with keys located on top and side.

Interface: USB.

Resolution: 800 cpi.

Resolution accuracy: 85%+.

Tracking Type: Optical.

Left & Right button life: 300.000+. Lifetime: 250 km.

Cord Length: 150 cms.

Dimensions: 112 mm x 38 mm x 25 mm.

Weight: 65 gr


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