It Loves-Me Bluetooth mini-speakers allow you to share
your favorite music on your cellphone or I-Pad with your


It Loves-Me is small, light and very easy to carry to your friends’ house or when you are going on holiday, it will be very handy for entertainment and leisure, whenever you are
relaxing and can best enjoy all the little pleasures in life, such as music.

It Loves-Me is designed to be attractive, compact and discreet, and so it fits in perfectly with any kind of decor.

Its three LEDs (red, green and blue) indicate the speaker mode at any given time. Sound signals can be sent to it from any device, including Bluetooth, by means of a 3.5 mm lead.

The lithium ion polymer cell means you can listen to music without having to connect your It Loves-Me to any external power source for hours on end.

Product Specifications


Bluetooth Version: 2.0 Class 2.

Chipset:Omnivision OV3860 (Bluetooth).

Operational Range:Up to10 m.

Sound connections:3.5 mm Line-In and Bluetooth.

Recharging connector: Via USB.

Battery: 400 mAh Lithium Polymer Cell.

Operating time: 2.5 to 3 hrs. Continuous use (between recharges).

Recharge time: Approx. 2hrs.

Dimensions: 70 mm x 66 mm.

Weight: 105 grams.

Temperature range: - 10ºC~50ºC

Control buttons: Volume “+” & “-”, Previous & Next, Play/Pause, ON/OFF/ Synch.


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