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The KEiPad 2 BT from Suvil Technologies Corp. is a Bluetooth keyboard with a size suited to the Apple iPad, but can also be used with any computer and the iPhone 4.0.


The KEiPad 2 BT has an ultra slim design, with a thickness of just 6.7mm and is made of ABS plastic and metal. Its keys are made with a high-quality, "scissors" mechanism giving a smooth and pleasant typing action.


The KEiPad 2 BT has a 2-colour mini LED in blue and red to show when it is switched on and off, when charging and when paired with another Bluetooth device.


The keyboard has 80 keys, of which 14 are multimedia and multifunction (volume, turn music on/off, previous and next track, virtual keyboard, etc).


It incorporates a rechargeable Li-Ion 300 mAh battery, which lasts between 60 hours in continuous operation and about 350 hours on standby.

Product Specifications


Type: Ultra slim "Bluetooth" Keyboard, made of plastic and metal, with high-quality scissor mechanism.

Number of keys: 80 (14 multimedia and multifunction).

Bluetooth: Broadcom chipset - Bluetooth 2.0 class 2.

Operating frequency: 2.4 - 2.4835GHz.

Operating distance: Up to 10m. (without obstacles).

Battery: Rechargeable 300mAh Li-ion, continuous operation of 60 hours and about 350 hours in standby.

2-colour mini LED: LED Mini: Flashing blue ON/OFF while pairing; blue when ON; red LED ON when charging.

Compatibility: iPad, iPhone 4.0, PC/HTPC, MAC, Sony PS3 Player.

Dimensions: 220 x 120 x 6.7mm.

Weight: 175g.


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