My-Piccolino USB from Suvil Technologies Corp. is a tiny sleek optical mouse. Its exquisite ergonomic form was designed in Spain by the young promising industrial designer, Oscar Pascual.


In this mouse, the index finger controls the up key and corresponds to the left button on a conventional mouse. The thumb controls the side key and is equivalent to the right button on a mouse. The middle finger is bent slightly and is supported on a padded, non-slip curved surface carefully tailored to the shape of the finger.


My-Piccolino USB is a USB mouse of patented design intended to be used on laptops.


When working with a mouse as small as My-Piccolino USB it gives you a distinct feeling of comfort, as the position of the fingers is similar to writing with a pen. The sleek sensual slimness and modernity of My-Piccolino USB suits the dynamic user, who is always on the go, loves originality and is, above all, highly chic.


My-Piccolino USB has a resolution of 800 CPI. It has a unique and revolutionary design, and is very striking yet affordable, making it the ideal gift.

Product Specifications


Tipo: Optical mouse of unique and sensual design. “Slim and sleek for lovers of exclusivity”.
Interface: USB.
Resolution: Pixart PAN3511 800 cpi optical sensor.
Button life: Over 300,000 clicks.
Cable length: 80 cm.
Dimensions: 68 mm x 43 mm x 29 mm.

Weight: 37g with cable.



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